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It's also really important that we remember that the Ramblers is NOT just about going on lovely walks (great as that is!); the Ramblers is also a campaigning organisation on a range of issues.

Making sure we can all take a walk in the park

The Ramblers and the Town & Country Planning Association have today released a new report on Walking in Urban Parks and Green Spaces.
We know that walking in urban parks and green spaces is great for our physical and mental health and our new report explores the ways we can make it easier for people of all ages and backgrounds in urban areas to take a walk in the park.
In the face of local authority budget cuts affecting the money available to maintain urban green spaces, the report looks at how we can focus investment to encourage everyone to use their local parks. It also highlights some wonderful urban green spaces that have been created by local authorities with innovative partnerships and creative funding sources.
We also surveyed people about attitudes to urban green spaces and we found that 67% of people walk in parks at least once a week. However, certain groups were put off visiting their local parks for various reasons
One third of 16-24 year olds (33%) said they would be discouraged from using local green spaces because of safety concerns
67% of people said they would walk more if their parks were better maintained
35% of people over 75 said they would walk more often if there were more benches in their park
Our senior policy officer Kate Conto said: “We know that great parks and green spaces in urban areas make a big difference both to individuals and communities. But with the reality of budget cuts, it’s vital to ensure funding is used as effectively as possible. Considering the needs of a wide range of users will help ensure the creation of safe, accessible green spaces that the whole community can enjoy.
"Collaborative work on transforming parks with many different sources of funding can take a lot of time and effort to coordinate, but the results can be really worth it, as we can see with some fantastic green space projects that have totally transformed urban communities."

Read the full report on Walking in Urban Parks and Green Spaces Here

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Hope everyone enjoyed the trip to YSP. We got to see lots of interesting installations and the weather was fantastic! 

Click on Gallery for pictures.

The Salford Trail

We are about to do some work on a path (Lower Irwell Valley) on the Salford Trail.

Firstly we need to do some path clearing mainly shifting bricks and stones from the path onto adjacent ground and providing a roughly flat surface for the later application of chippings.

Please contact David Yates - if you able to and would like to help with this work.

Many thanks

Bolton Ramblers are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year and are holding a 'bit of a do' on Thursday, October 11th 2018 at 7.30pm.

It will be held at Silverwell Hall (the old Masonic Hall) on Silverwell Street in Bolton town centre and, apart from the company of fellow ramblers and their families and friends, there will be a supper, a bar with real ale, photos of former Rambles and entertainment provided by an acoustic guitar group called 'the Travellin' Strings' who play 50s/60s and 70s music and have a very good reputation. They will also play the 'Manchester Rambler'!

Tickets are £12.00 pp and Ramblers (and their families and friends) from the Greater Manchester and High Peak area will be very welcome.

If interested, please contact us on or phone Judith on 01204 841684.

Judith Heale,

Publicity & Information Officer.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018